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Laser Welding Services

Process Overview

Laser welding offers low heat input, high precision, and fully automated metal joining. The process is generally autogeneous, which means it does not utilize filler metal. Typically the weld joint is designed to enable materials to be locally melted and fused. However, MLPC also has the capability to manually add a variety of filler metals in case alloy composition or joint geometry requires it. The process has much higher power density than TIG and plasma welding which allows for deeper penetration welding with less heat input.

Material Selection

Material which can be laser welded include nitinol, titanium, stainless steel (304L, 304, 316L, 17-4PH, 420, 440), carbon steel, nickel, nickel-based alloys, copper, gold, and silver. These materials can be welded for cosmetic, mechanical strength, and hermetic purposes. In addition to laser welding MLPC offers assistance in joint design, material selection, weld analysis, destructive testing, and laser weld validation. Our background in laser welding comes from formal education and many years of application experience.

Production Services

As shown below MLPC can provide value from process development to production. MLPC prides itself in providing 2-3 day around on most lots of parts.

Unique Processing: Laser Welding Nitinol to Stainless Steel

MLPC has the capability of welding nitinol to stainless steel. This unique technology produces superior weld quality and tensile strengths greater than 75 ksi. Laser welding nitinol to stainless steel enables cost reduction, improved part performance, and greater flexibility in component design and manufacturing of minimally invasive medical devices.


MLPC has experience welding both implants and instruments in nitinol, cobalt chrome, stainless steels, and titanium. Our experienced laser welding engineers can take your part from prototype to production with a focus on process validation and verification. By providing significant penetration depths and a high level of automation, laser welding is a good substitute for electron beam welding.

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Anyone can buy a laser welder. The advantage comes from the knowledgeable staff that uses the equipment. MLPC has over 20 years for combined laser welding experience. This will be evident from the first prototype to the last production part we deliver.

Dr. Larry Dosser President & CEO of MLPC