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Support Services

Bead/Grit Blasting

To increase a surface roughness without damaging a part, MLPC offers grit blasting services. This process can be apply to specific areas on parts or to entire part surfaces. Often this process is used to increase adhesion of a metal surface to an overmold or adhesive process that is applied to the part.

Post-Processing Services

Post-processing services include passivation--citirc and nitric and electropolishing. After laser processing parts, MLPC can provide the post-processing to match customers' specification and industry standards.


Engineers used SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and SolidCAM for fixture design, fixture programming, and custom part programming. MLPC has developed an art to part capability that allows for seamless transition from CAD models to the customer's parts. CNC Fixture Fabrication The CNC system allows for on-site fixture fabrication to hold the customer's parts during laser processing. The fixtures are designed, programmed, and machined in less than 48 hours.

Geometrical Inspection

Geometrical inspection includes the use of optical comparators, high magnification microscopes, and a white light interferometric microscope. These measurement tools allow for measuring parts up to 6" in size with resolutions down to the nanometer scale.

Non-Destructive Analysis

Non-destructive analysis is used in laser welding to evaluate hermetic performance and cosmetic appearance. Hermetic performance is checked using a helium leak detection system which allows for leak testing down to 1x10-8 cc/sec. A helium bomb or vacuum test can be performed. Cosmetic appearance evaluation uses a high magnification stereo microscope to inspect the weld for pores, cracks, pits, and voids.

Destructive Analysis

Destructive analysis is used in laser welding to evaluate weld penetration and strength. The penetration or depth of the weld is important when evaluating weld strength and microstructure defects. Weld strength is determined through the use of a tension or compression mechanical test. In house test stand allows for pull/push test up to 200lbs.